My name is Christoph the Adventurer and I started No Direction Travel.  The concept came about one really late night during the sleep deprived and caffeine fueled finals week before my last term.  It was inspired by the scene in the movie Yes Man that I watched a few weeks earlier, where the main characters boarded the next airplane to somewhere they have never been.  At that moment, I thought about all of the different places I could travel which were better than sitting at my desk studying. Since about everywhere was better than my desk, I had a nice long list of destinations.

During the following week break, I spent the time trying to figure out what to do between February, when I graduated and the commencement ceremony in May.  At that point, I began to browse the different airfares available to see if it was possible to hop a plane somewhere during that time.  I ended up finding airfare to London for relatively cheap and booked it that day.  From that point on, I pledged myself that I wouldn’t plan anything until I was on the plane, and that’s when No Direction Travel became a reality.

You can read about this first trip on the EurOdyssey page.


No Direction Travel is not just a vacation you go on but an attitude toward traveling which focuses on adventure and discovery.  It is radically different from following an itinerary created by a travel agent or obeying verbatim what a guide book contains on its pages.  Instead it embraces a willingness to live in the moment and give anything and everything you encounter a try.  This could include local food, drinks, customs, sports, and anything else which may cross your path.  The great thing is that each trip will be different and each far more memorable because of the excitement which comes with not knowing what might happen next.