Future Trips

Mediterranean on a Motorbike

This trip was inspired by the pictures I have seen of the various locations around the Mediterranean and my friend Loh I met in Dublin during the 2009 St. Patrick’s Day Couch Crash.  He started in Singapore and rode his motorcycle through Asia to Europe and back.  My journey would start in Gibraltar and finish in Morocco, it would be a tour of the ancient wonders, some of the notable stops along the way would be Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Petra, Jerusalem, Pyramids, and Marrakech.  I would setup a hybrid motorbike built for road and off-road use prior to the trip, so that it would work fine on highways and could traverse the desert with ease.

Walk the Great Wall of China

A majority of people see The Great Wall just outside of Shanghai, where while it is pretty cool, it is far too crowded and the pollution is bad.  Those who pay for a tour can get out to a more remote section of the Great Wall but that is still heavily crowded with tourists.  I read about a couple who backpacked the entire length of The Great Wall which seems the best way to see the Great Wall in all of its splendor.  Between the pictures and the stories I really want to take this trip for myself.  They talked about how they were the only ones around once they put a few hundred miles between themselves and Shanghai.  This made for great pictures of the Great Wall spanning against the landscape with the sun, rain, and fog.  What really sold me on this idea though, is that the locals invited them into their village and offered them food and shelter during their journey.  The only downside I see is that they probably don’t speak English in the remote villages.  To make this trip fun and memorable I will need to know a basic amount of Cantonese and Mandarin.  I guess I’ll have to start studying!

Distance Sprint

The distance sprint is a combination of a challenge and an adventure, which needs to be taken with several other people.  The group of travelers would be split into groups of two which would be competing against each other.  They would start in Times Square, New York City and have one week to travel as far away from the starting point as possible.  The real challenge is that teams must follow the following rules:

  • You can only pay for food
  • No traveling help from family or friends
  • You have exactly 7 days to get as far as possible
  • You must follow all applicable laws in state and country
  • Each commercial point to point transportation cost not allowed to exceed $100
  • You can not mention that you are participating in this challenge when looking for travel help

This will require the teams to use their ingenuity and resourcefulness to keep moving on this fast paced competition while convincing total strangers to help them on their journey.  The progress of the teams will be updated in real time on a world map on the NDT website using GPS transponder units.