Travel Tips

Travel tips were written to help fellow No Direction Travelers with the adventure spirit, have the best time possible on their trips.   They are based on first hand experience and are meant to serve as a starting point for beginners and a reminder for seasoned travelers.  Each trip is different, so learn from these articles and use what is appropriate, but remember to prepare for each trip accordingly.  If you have any questions or need recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact No Direction Travel!


Before Leaving

The articles in the Before Leaving section, cover topics ranging from equipment selection to packing strategies.  While you may not have a travel itinerary if you are following the No Direction Travel philosophy, it is absolutely essential to be prepared with the appropriate equipment so the trip is enjoyable and you are able to handle anything which may arise.



Photography is a major part of, because it not only tells a story of the journey but inspires people to embark on their own adventures.  The photographic advice at NDT focuses on taking consistently high quality pictures, choosing the correct equipment when packing light, and keeping your camera equipment safe.